July 10,2023 The Agreement

After awhile of being isolationists The Danes,Norwegians,and Swedes decided to create a "Nordic Union" to be stronger against attackers every since the "Great Scandinavian War" And "Shetland War" they agreed to sign on. The deal was that no state shall have superior power over one another and that Oslo,Copenhagen,and Stockholm would be the split capitols.

January 20,2024 Finland Signs On

The Nordic Union had become a economic power and had become a decent military. Finland had been struggling from the recent "Ladoga War" against St Petersburg. They had to pay a lot of money because if this war. The Nordic Union which had become a economic power,still would allow Finland to join if they wanted too and Finland running out of options signed up for The Nordic Union.

March 28,2024 2nd Ladoga War

The St Petersburg Empire which had recently annexed Karelia,Murmansk,Pskov,and Novogrod had saw an opportunity to grab more land as they saw the Nordics as weak and looked to halt there economic growth decided to declare war on The Nordics looking to annex all of Finland,parts of Norway,and make the Nordics pay for it.